Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Sir John Hegarty

For the 75th Episode of the creative podcast Ben Tallon chats to Sir John Hegarty.

Written by Ben Tallon

Since it’s episode 75 of the Arrest All Mimics podcast, somebody allowed me to slip through the net to spend an hour with one of creativity’s greatest minds.

Sir John Hegarty is quite simply an advertising legend. He is one third of BBH, advertising agency renowned for their innovative campaigns. 

With half a century of work in the creative industry under his belt, John talks about what exactly constitutes creativity. It’s one of the big questions in life and somehow, he manages to make it all sound so easy.

As the creative director behind the iconic Levi campaigns of the 1990’s, including iconic yellow puppet, Flat Eric, John explains how he had to fight for the idea to switch to a puppet hero for a fashion brand. He also made the decision to use vorsprung durch technik in its native German language for Audi’s campaign. 

How crucial is positive thinking and turning a disadvantage into an advantage? We break down the fundamentals of creativity and why fun, passion, observation and irreverence play such integral roles in achieving greatness.

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