Idiom – Light at the end of the tunnel

Medium: After Effects animation
Client: Cambridge English

One of a series of eight animations about 'Idioms'. The first scene illustrates the literal meaning of the words, while the second illustrates the real meaning of the idiom. Illustrations are by Tim Bradford.

About Gary
Gary focuses his creative talents on animation and motion graphics, enabling him to maximise his skillset while satisfying his creative muse. Clients love working with him because he embraces a variety of approaches and ideas, never deploying a one-size-fits-all style or technique.
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Nyetimber in Autumn
Nyetimber in Autumn
A beautiful animation collaboration between Gary Mayes and Ollie Maxwell for England's sparkling wine brand is now live.
Nyetimber in Autumn
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White Cobra
Gary Mayes completes an animated 15-second intro for theatrical company White Cobra.
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Springtime Magic
Illustrator Ollie Maxwell and animator Gary Mayes collaborate to craft springtime magic and bring a beautiful bottle of Nyetimber Classic Cuvee to life.
Springtime Magic

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