Tropical and stylish black woman with curly hair holding a fan

About Alyah
Vibrant, playful and exciting – artwork created by Alyah (Ah-lee-uh) Holmes is bursting with positivity and her uplifting style makes her an artist in high demand. Every new client Alyah works for instantly recognizes the passion she brings and is rewarded with illustrations that exceed their expectations.
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Alyah's latest news
Period Poverty
Period Poverty
Plan International commission Alyah Holmes for art to illustrate Menstrual Health Day.
Period Poverty
Alyah Holmes' SCRAPBOOK
Alyah Holmes' SCRAPBOOK
We head to Canada and chat to Alyah Holmes for our next interview with an illustrator.
Alyah Holmes' SCRAPBOOK
Bombay Sapphire Brazil
Bombay Sapphire Brazil
The well-loved gin brand uses the talents of Alyah Holmes to promote its product in Brazil.
Bombay Sapphire Brazil
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