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Alyana Cazalet

Alyana Cazalet - International expressive line illustrator. London

Born in Russia, Alyana Cazalet is an artist & illustrator who draws with a loose and expressive style which is a perfect platform for humour as well as an immediate and intuitive way of capturing people, scenes and settings. A few squiggles of her pen and soon a character has been created that looks ready to share a joke with you.
Alyana studied Applied Arts when she lived in Moscow, and printmaking after moving to London. She has travelled widely and she believes the nomadic lifestyle has left its mark on the rapid way in which she draws. Alyana has plenty of creative experience including designing textile prints, making puppets and photography. She’s influenced by everything from Jazz to dark Russian literature, and from Hieronymus Bosch to the Moomins.


With the playful eye of a cartoonist, Alyana is intuitive and spontaneous once she puts ink to paper. She likes to create images that say more than words can express, using pens, pencils, brushes, gouache and watercolour.


There’s the element of surprise, along with lots of movement and energy in Alyana’s work. Her style is expressive and carnival-esque, and it’s evolving all the time as she experiments with new techniques and different media.

Client list

Some of Alyana’s clients include Tatler, ITV, Rockport, FutureBrand, Cafe Rouge, Vogue, CHI&Partners, Sainsbury's, Penguin Random House and BBC Magazines.
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