The Unmumsy Mum

Alyana Cazalet puts her pen to work for Sarah Turner's new book 'The Unmumsy Mum A-Z: An Inexpert Guide to parenting'.

Commissioned by Penguin Random House earlier in the year, the book is out now and is written by the author and blogger Sarah Turner. Alyana's humorous black and white drawings fit with the majority of parents' experiences of having a child and are used to illustrate each letter in the guide, for example, V for Vagina, B for Bickering, Q for Queuing, I for IKEA and X for X-rated. Alyana says, "I worked directly with Sarah Turner, communicating various ideas and scenes, with quite a bit of laughing as I got through the hilarious manuscript! And the work was completed on very tight deadline." And the author comments, "Alyana Cazalet, thank you for illustrating this book and bringing my words to life. This was my first experience of being illustrated and you were an absolute pleasure to work with."

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alyana cazalet
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