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Andrew Selby

Andrew Selby - 25 Alsthorpe Road, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 6FD, United Kingdom based illustrator

Hailed as iconic and thought-provoking, Andrew Selby has created his own visual language based around an Eastern European folk art sensibility, but that dials up the colour and throws in a variety of creative techniques resulting in something impactful and unique.
As well as meeting briefs set by some of the world’s most prestigious publications and advertising agencies, Andrew lectures in illustration and animation at Loughborough University, sharing over two decades of experience with his students. He immerses himself in his subject, and has visited Laika, Pixar and the artist Saul Steinberg to understand their working processes. Andrew has written three books about animation, and also collects wooden and vinyl toys, masks, weather vanes, jewellery, textiles and furniture. He studied graphic design specialising in illustration at Leicester Polytechnic.


No two illustrations start from the same point for Andrew. Sometimes he draws from scratch, sometimes he borrows ideas from his sketchbooks, works over photographs, montages elements together or makes models to shoot. Variety is what keeps his work original.


Andrew takes pleasure in the imperfect, the chance encounter or the element of surprise. He has always liked folk and outsider art, and while he varies his technique, he keeps things simple and a little naïve, with metaphors, motifs and a playful palette.

Client list

Andrew has worked for clients including British Gas, Nike, Accenture, Starbucks, Boots, The Lancet, American Express, Eurostar, DHL, Pentagram, IKEA and more.
Andrew Selby works with Wishbone Design Studio to create a limited edition artwork for their balance bikes.
Joshibi Art Museum
Joshibi Art Museum
Andrew Selby is proud to be exhibiting his conceptual artwork at the Joshibi Art Museum.
Joshibi Art Museum
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