Andrew Selby works with Wishbone Design Studio to create a limited edition artwork for their balance bikes.

Andrew was tasked with designing a vibrant illustration on the theme of music to decorate a Wishbone 3-in-1 balance bike. The New Zealand based company make sustainable and ecological products for children - designed and manufactured to be capable of encouraging children to explore riding and build their confidence from early years, and then to transition to two wheels when they get more confident. The frame is cleverly designed to be taken apart and re-assembled from a tricycle into a bicycle, so extending the life of the balance bike whilst still retaining the familiarity for the child. Andrew says, "I designed the Power of Music design and was inspired by the idea of the parts being changed. This meant that the design had to work from multiple angles and this also seemed to work well with the idea of varieties of music. As a result, I actually created two designs for use on either side of the bike, but also as interchangeable elements between the fork and the main frame. One side is covered in yellows, oranges, reds and hot pinks to illustrate lively, playful and uplifting music. The other side uses blues, greens and greys to suggest quieter, mellow, moody music. I included instruments, musicians and streams to show music being created and enjoyed and to parallel the experience of learning to ride with learning to play and appreciate music. The bike has been recently released for purchase on Wishbone’s website."

All images are copyright of Wishbone Design.

andrew selby
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