Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire: Oskara

Medium: Digital
Client: Fantasy Flight Games

A Twi'lek bounty hunter, Oskara is the second of my character designs/chapter plates for Fantasy Flight Games' "Star Wars: Edge of the Empire" Roleplaying game.

About Anthony
Modern portrait and print illustrator Anthony J Foti is one of the biggest names on the fantasy art scene, creating imagery for leading tabletop, roleplaying and online games as well as book jacket illustrations. His digital paintings are full of magic, mystique and action, and can regularly be seen in ImagineFX Magazine and Fantasy Flight Games’s Star Wars lines.
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Anthony's latest news
Queen's Shadow
Queen's Shadow
Anthony J Foti makes art for the front cover of Star Wars: Queen's Shadow.
Queen's Shadow
Illustrator Profile - Anthony J Foti
Illustrator Profile - Anthony J Foti
Anthony is an illustrator producing dramatic film and fantasy figure art.
Illustrator Profile - Anthony J Foti
Anthony J Foti works with PHD Media Ireland on an epic illustration for Volkswagen's sponsorship of Ireland's rugby team.
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