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Live events are the perfect opportunity for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands to establish a one-to-one connection with their customers, and Katharine Asher’s sublime drawing skills provide the perfect means to achieve this. In the age of the selfie, people are irresistibly drawn to the idea of having a portrait rendered from a more personal perspective, and sitters and onlookers love seeing her beautiful portraits develop before their eyes.
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Live event Amibenton Drawing
Guest watercolor portraiture at a Swarovski event
Katharine's latest news
Luxury Treats at Swarovski
Luxury Treats at Swarovski
At London's Flagship Swarovski store, customers are treated to exclusive bespoke portraits created by the hands of Katharine Asher.
Luxury Treats at Swarovski
Asher at Vuitton in Leeds
Asher at Vuitton in Leeds
Katharine Asher brings her artistic grace to the Leeds branch of Louis Vuitton for their seasonal event.
Asher at Vuitton in Leeds
Cabaret Couture
Cabaret Couture
Katharine Asher has three artworks chosen for Overdue Magazine's piece on Drawing Cabaret Couture.
Cabaret Couture
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