Customer portrait created by the hands of Katharine Asher

Luxury Treats at Swarovski

At London's Flagship Swarovski store, customers are treated to exclusive bespoke portraits created by the hands of Katharine Asher.

"It was an amazing event in Swarovski's Flagship store in London at the beginning of December," says Katharine, "timed perfectly to attract festive interest from the Oxford Street crowds".
Katharine considered it a privilege to be among the chosen creatives contributing to the success of the day, offering 'luxury treats' for the store's exclusive clientele. Naturally, the store sparkled and gleamed with Swarovski crystals as Kathy crafted live fashion drawings of their customers.
Alongside the portraits, the customers were treated to hand-decorated Swarovski exclusive biscuits and personalised purchases embossed in gold. Enhancing the festive ambience was a skilled saxophonist who added another layer to the experience, infusing the background with a soulful melody.
live art
live drawing
live event drawing
katharine asher live event drawing

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