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Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor

Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor - Colombia based illustrator

Surreal and atmospheric, the artwork of Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor delivers nuanced tonality thanks to its gorgeous, on-trend colour palettes and delightful juxtaposition of negative space against heavily rendered detail and texture. She has beautifully natural drawing skills, and Carolina’s clients enjoy the way she breaks down themes, coming up with a range of options for them and imaginatively executing the brief.
Based in Bogotá, Colombia, Carolina loved animé, manga and video game art as she grew up, later discovering the artwork of James Jean, Andrew Hem and Fuco Euda, who have been key influences on her career and style. She loves vinyl records and bands like Placebo, Mew and Mars Volta, and studied Visual Arts with a focus on Graphic Art in Bogotá.


Sketching her initial ideas either on paper or digitally, Carolina determines her composition, refines her sketching then blocks in the main colours. She finishes her image, fine tuning detail and colour, on her computer.


Carolina’s initial style was dreamlike, spacy and complex, with plenty of detail and effects. As her career has progressed, she has honed a simpler approach with strong, balanced compositions, restrained-yet-lively colour schemes and just the right amount of detail and texture.

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Carolina’s clients include Netflix, Disney, Marvel Comics, The New York Times, Xbox, Rolling Stone Magazine, Penguin Random House, Simon and Schuster, Harper Collins, Macmillan Children's Publishing Group.
It was great working with Carolina! She completely understood the brief, communicated her schedule clearly, and gave me several rounds in quick succession to hit our deadlines.
Maury Botton, The New Press
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