Space girl by Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor

About Carolina
Surreal and atmospheric, the artwork of Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor delivers nuanced tonality thanks to its gorgeous, on-trend colour palettes and delightful juxtaposition of negative space against heavily rendered detail and texture. She has beautifully natural drawing skills, and Carolina’s clients enjoy the way she breaks down themes, coming up with a range of options for them and imaginatively executing the brief.
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Carolina's latest news
Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor, one of the eight talented artists handpicked by Paramount+, has lent her creative prowess to the beloved Halo franchise.
Open Your Mind to Psychedelics.
Open Your Mind to Psychedelics.
Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor shines the spotlight on psychedelics with this multi-coloured illustration for Rolling Stone Magazine.
Open Your Mind to Psychedelics.
2020 in Books
2020 in Books
Working for The New York Times, Caroline Rodriguez Fuenmayor illustrates a piece on critics' best books of 2020.
2020 in Books
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