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Christopher Corr

Christopher Corr - International book illustrator. UK

Cities, people, culture and nature too – they’re all captured in the most vibrant and appealing fashion by the London-based artist Christopher Corr. From storybooks and travel guides to interior patterns, his bright, intuitive painting style and emotive use of color are a joy to behold for audiences and clients alike.
Chris lives in the heart of London, and loves exploring the old city. In fact, he loves cities in general, finding places where the traditional meets the modern, and using them for inspiration. From stone huts to modernist structures by Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Paul Rudolph, Richard Neutra, Louis Kahn and Frank Lloyd Wright, he enjoys recreating cityscapes in his own unique way. Studying art, graphics and finally illustration at art school in Manchester, Chris went on to the Royal College in London where he completed a Masters degree.


Chris works in gouache, painting on Italian and Indian handmade papers as though he’s using a pen. He takes a great deal of inspiration from his travels – to India, North Africa and New England, for instance.


Color is hugely important in Chris’s work, and he explores its effect on people and their emotions. He sees color as the place where art meet science, and in his quirky artworks you’ll see multi-colored zebras, dazzling birds and even pink elephants.

Client list

Some of Chris’s clients include Andersen Press, Qantas, Windstar Cruises, Royal Mail, The Folio Society, Sherbet and the BBC.
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