Cover design for the "Off We Go to Mexico!" book

"Off We Go to Mexico!"

Mexico book

About Christopher
Cities, people, culture and nature too – they’re all captured in the most vibrant and appealing fashion by the London-based artist Christopher Corr. From storybooks and travel guides to interior patterns, his bright, intuitive painting style and emotive use of color are a joy to behold for audiences and clients alike.
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Hastings Beach with people - An illustration by  Christopher Corr
Different colored Sun illustration by Christopher Corr
Places & Locations travel painting
Christopher's latest news
WPP Annual Report
WPP Annual Report
Christopher Corr illustrates WPP’s 2017 Annual Report with striking colours and imagery.
WPP Annual Report
Journeys and Migrations
Journeys and Migrations
Christopher Corr works on a historical book celebrating fifty human journeys across the world.
Journeys and Migrations
Don't Spill the Milk!
Don't Spill the Milk!
Tune into CBeebies tonight to see Christopher Corr's illustrations in 'Don't Spill the Milk!'
Don't Spill the Milk!
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