'Fix your bike' book illustration

Fix Your Bike

Medium: Indian ink & digital colours
Client: Pavilion Books

Fully illustrated book 'Fix Your bike'. The book guides you through fixing and looking after your bicycle.

About Claire
Expressive, original hand-drawn illustration of wonderful architecture and urban scenery is the forte of Amsterdam-based artist Claire Rollet, whose output also includes maps, portraits, instructional drawings and more. Although her creations are detailed and intricate, they’re loose and individual enough to create their own vibe and that’s what excites her clients.
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Claire's latest news
Hay's Wharf
Hay's Wharf
Claire Rollet works with Socrates to create maps for the rebranding of London's Hay's Wharf.
Hay's Wharf
The Look Book
The Look Book
Claire Rollet helps toddlers learn vocabulary with 'The Look Book - At Home'.
The Look Book
Illustrator Profile - Claire Rollet
Illustrator Profile - Claire Rollet
Claire draws with Indian Ink to create fluid line drawings with a modern touch.
Illustrator Profile - Claire Rollet
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