Canal Brasil's 25th: Special edition packaging design

About Debora
Débora Islas is a Brazilian illustrator who is astoundingly versatile and has a pure talent for drawing. From cut and paste paper creations to colorful artistic representations through to highly rendered realism and photo-based artworks, she works closely with her clients to nail the perfect medium, style and color scheme for every project she creates.
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Debora's latest news
She Creates Change
She Creates Change
A portrait of Seng Gechly is drawn by Débora Islas for Rebel Girls' latest publication.
She Creates Change
Courageous Queens
Courageous Queens
Fully illustrated by Débora Islas, Five Mile's 'Courageous Queens' tells ten stories of history's boldest rulers.
Courageous Queens
INSIDE OUT: Canal Brasil X Débora Islas
INSIDE OUT: Canal Brasil X Débora Islas
Garrick Webster reports on Débora Islas' beautifully eclectic beer packaging art.
INSIDE OUT: Canal Brasil X Débora Islas
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