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Dena Cooper

Dena Cooper - Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Illustrator - New York

Soft and skilfully painted, Dena Cooper’s fashion illustrations come to life with moments of sublime contrast and intensity.
With a background in fashion design, Dena is now a leading New York illustrator with a growing list of industry clients. Transplanted into Brooklyn from Fredricksburg, Virginia, she loves New York and Fashion Week in particular. “I’m very influenced by street style that I see around the city, specifically the effortless chic that so many New Yorkers exude walking down the street.” Dena studied Fashion Illustration at Radford University in Virginia, and her influences include Marchesa, Dior, Delpozo, and Viktor & Rolf.


One of Dena’s images begins with a pencil study based on references, complete with in-depth shading and detail. Then she’ll bring in watercolour, gouache, ink and/or coloured pencils to enhance colour, shading and value in the composition. Finally, she cleans it up in Photoshop, adding splashes, marks and backgrounds, before delivering it digitally to the client.


Dena delivers a softer version of the truth, with bursts of realism and blooms of paint bringing an element of artistry the camera just can’t capture. Photorealism, with washes of colour and splatter add to the fun and character of a piece.


2020 FIDA Commercial Fashion Illustration Award

Client list

Dena’s clients include WWD, Gucci Beauty, Clé de Peau, Montblanc, La Croix, Furla, Luxottica, Dyson Hair, Cartier, Budweiser, Shinola, and Veuve Clicquot.
A collaboration between Dena Cooper and animator Gary Mayes
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