Veronica's Pack for Scholastic Graphic design art

Veronica's Pack for Scholastic

Medium: Photoshop, Pen
Client: Scholastic

Fionna Fernandes illustrates for Scholastic's Classroom Magazine, ‘Storyworks’. The piece illustrates a fiction story, 'Veronica's Pack' and shows a young girl talking to a large majestic buck alongside other animals in a forest setting. Evoking a sense of support and companionship, the story is about a shy girl who discovers how to build strength in numbers and appears in the May/June 2019 issue.

About Fionna
Social Reach Instagram: 21K Fionna Fernandes is a Sydney-based illustrator who enjoys drawing a variety of subject matter: portraits, stickers, landscapes, lifestyle and animals for clients in fashion, editorial, advertising and more. Everything she creates has a touch of fun to it as she selects key details to highlight in a rainbow of colour, adding in patterns as a flourish that give her work its highly individual visual language.
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