Playful book cover for 'Journaled to Death'

Journaled to Death

Fionna Fernandes illustrates a playful book cover for the light-hearted murder mystery, 'Journaled to Death' by Heather Redmond.

The book follows divorced single mum Mandy Meadows and her successful home business creating online journaling content. When her cousin Ryan is murdered, Mandy and her daughter become suspects, and so she endeavours to clear their names.

Fionna's cover focusses on journaling and depicts a teal notebook, covered in stickers and illustrations of significant items from the novel, such as a coffee cup, a cherry blossom tree, a mop, a pill bottle, the Space Needle, coins, and a hammer. Fionna adds, "Part of the page is stained with blood to add a mysterious element. The journal is surrounded by highlighters and a pen, and the title is done in a calligraphy style font to emphasise the theme of journaling."

More information here.

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