Mattress of law, gavel, paperwork, judge and jury, scales of justice, deeds, laws and knowledge

Future Judge

Medium: Paper sculpture
Client: Charles Darwin University

Become a Judge in the future by studying Law now.

About Gail
Gail Armstrong has been creating paper sculptures for over 25 years and her enthusiasm for the medium hasn’t waned one snip. She still wants every image she creates to be better than the last, and she has cut, embossed, folded and glued her way to a cabinet full of creative industry awards. Her clients simply love her unique ability to turn a flat sheet of paper into an amazing work of art.
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Gail's latest news
Giving Back
Giving Back
Live Happy Magazine ask Gail Armstrong for a feel-good, vibrant Winter scene.
Giving Back
Book of Mormon Characters
Book of Mormon Characters
Gail Armstrong captures her creations for the Book of Mormon on video.
Book of Mormon Characters
Gail Glamour
Gail Glamour
Capturing the spirit of travel and Winter, Gail Armstrong creates a paper sculpted backdrop for a Glamour Magazine promotion.
Gail Glamour
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