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Gail Armstrong

Gail Armstrong - International Paper Sculpture illustrator. London

Gail Armstrong has been creating paper sculptures for over 25 years and her enthusiasm for the medium hasn’t waned one snip. She still wants every image she creates to be better than the last, and she has cut, embossed, folded and glued her way to a cabinet full of creative industry awards. Her clients simply love her unique ability to turn a flat sheet of paper into an amazing work of art.
From galleries full of contemporary artworks through to Paperchase outlets selling her favourite medium, Gail takes inspiration from the world around her, then applies her imagination to craft characters, vehicles, buildings, products, typography and entire dioramas – either in full colour or plain white. She has a BA and Post Graduate Diploma in Graphic Design and Illustration at Glasgow School of Art.


Each construction begins with extensive planning as Gail explores the composition and how to sculpt the image three-dimensionally. Then she meticulously constructs the set, poring over the textures, colours and patterns, before it is photographed.


Paper may seem flat to most of us, but Gail sees in it the potential to create new worlds with their own look and feel. Simple sheets are manipulated and transformed into 3D sculptures, imbued with beauty using a gamut of stocks, textures and colours.


Shortlisted - Communication Arts Award (2021) Winner of #Moobriefs (2020) Charlie Award for Best Magazine Cover (2020) Shortlisted 3 times for World Illustration Awards (2014, 2015 & 2020) Winner of Asiago International Award for Philatelic Art (2012) Creative Match Flair Award (2011) Creative Circle Awards Silver & Bronze (2011) WPP Gold Award for Advertising (2010) Gold & Silver in The London International Awards (2010) Cannes Bronze and Gold Lion Awards (2010) The Big Won – 1st in Press Campaigns (2010) Daler Rowney Award for Outstanding Paper Sculpture (1997)

Client list

Gail's clients include Templar Publishing, SunSense, Kleenex, United Nations, Charles Darwin University, Nestlé, Sogo Hong Kong, Sandoz, Macy's, MidFirst Bank, California Lottery, Delta TechOps, Safeguard Handwash and Jack-In-A-Box.
LOVE IT! He has swagger and attitude and is so handsome. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job! I’ll send samples because I think you’ll be delighted with how we use him. Thanks again.
Marsha Savery , Seattle Aquarium
"It has been such a pleasure to work with you!" :)
Mandie Bentley - Freelance Designer
Gail, you are brilliant.... I loved everything. You Rock!!! I loved the colours, the composition,... I loved every little detail of this work.... So, I really loved it!!! Many thanks and Im so happy to work with you, guys. Very proud about this work. Big x for all. Christiano
Christiano Neves, JWT
The issue is out, and everyone is super pleased with it. I’ve had people tell me it’s their favorite cover ever, and we’ve had a really good response from the community. I just wanted to again say thank you for doing such a great job with this project
Christine Dupont, Orlando The City's Magazine
It was a pleasure working with you and your talent:). Good luck in the future and thanks again. We are all really happy with the art.
Heidi Longmire, Glass Agency
We were so impressed with Gail's unique craft. She has created a fantastic eye catching illustration for our Where cover to our exact specifications, whilst still putting a great deal of her own input into the work. She is a true artist. Thanks Gail!
Tim Benton Art Director, Where London/Where Paris - Morris Visitor Publications
The whole Barnard Magazine team is gaga over this cover image you’ve created. Thank you again for making such a beautiful illustration.
Anna Nozaki - Art Director & Designer, Barnard Magazine
I've been wanting to email Gail and let her know how much everyone loved the poster. I got more requests for prints this year than ever before....and I loved working with her.
Gregory DiBisceglie, Macy's
"Gail's cover illustration is getting RAVES unlike any other issue to date. Please extend our gratitude."
Jeff Amstutz, Affinity Magazine
Thank you so much for the beautiful Illustrations for our October/November issue of Focus on the Family Magazine. Your skillful work captured the heart of the article beautifully.
Anneka Jack, Focus On The Family
It has been great working with you. Thank you so much for your hard work, and we are very happy about the wonderful paper art you created for our anniversary and also the making-of video. I hope I get the chance to work with you again at some point in the future.
June Lo - Sales Promotion Department, SOGO Hong Kong Co., Ltd
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