Graphic Beer - Label Design

Beer - Label Design

Medium: Digital Art
Client: Avant-Garde

Label design for 'P.s. Tendresse' beer by Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs.

About Jyotirmayee
Jyotirmayee Patra – also known as JP – is India’s leading artist for custom lettering, playfully embellished with beautifully rendered flowers, intriguing animals, graphic shapes and lively textures.
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Jyotirmayee Patra collaborates with Levi's for a creative birthday celebration in India.
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A Sporting Partnership
Jyotirmayee Patra works on billboard graphics for Aristocrat Technologies to celebrate their new partnership with the Las Vegas Raiders.
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Commissioned by The Foundry, Jyotirmayee Patra conveys the message of gratitude for readers of
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