Wall art of of U.S. map

U.S. map

Client: Oopsydaisy

licensed wall art

About Paul
Draw. Draw. Draw. This has been the story of Paul Daviz’s life from an early age. He drew on his schoolbooks, drew when he got a job in a pyjama factory, and built up an extraordinary portfolio of imagery which won him work storyboarding TV commercials, animated productions, packaging and print campaigns for top London agencies.
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Paul's latest news
Paul Daviz's SCRAPBOOK!
Paul Daviz's SCRAPBOOK!
This week we chat to Paul Daviz about his life as an illustrator...
Paul Daviz's SCRAPBOOK!
Oopsy Daisy Gifts
Oopsy Daisy Gifts
Get a slice of Paul Daviz's creativity with products on Oopsy Daisy.
Oopsy Daisy Gifts
Who Are You Calling Weird?
Who Are You Calling Weird?
A wonderful book illustrated by Paul Daviz is released this month.
Who Are You Calling Weird?
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If so, we represent many outstandingly talented animators, creating gifs, explainers, characters, stop motion and motion graphics for TV, film, games and digital streaming in 2d and 3d.
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