Asia by Ports

Paul Daviz leaps at the opportunity to travel Asia and records his journey with some delightful postcards.

Accompanying his partner aboard the cruise ship Arcadia on it's Asian leg of a world tour, Paul was lucky to be invited to join her and to help out as she taught art and crafts. Keeping a record of such an epic journey can be a pressure with so much to see, but his postcards which give a flavour of the ports where they stopped, are an excellent record of a once-in-a-lifetime break. Paul explains, "Besides taking a few snapshots on my phone I hadn't intended keeping any kind of record of our big adventure. But on our arrival in Hong Kong, (where we had flown to to meet the ship), that soon changed. Impressive though it is, I wasn't immediately taken with Hong Kong's futuristic skyscrapers, nor it's food, nor the hustle and bustle of that incredible global city. What enchanted me was the amazing neon logograms and graphics that adorn every shop, bar, apothecary, restaurant and business. I was inspired and I decided that I wanted to keep a more personal record of our trip and keep a blog. Not being a literary kind of man, I didn't have the necessary tools to write down what my senses where being bombarded with. However, I have discovered that when I draw, I not only capture what I am looking at and committing to paper, but that my other senses are also being recorded, albeit subconsciously, and that those memories, the sounds, the smells, and even my mood will, for me, be forever associated with that particular drawing. It seemed obvious that I should create a personal postcard of the eight exciting ports we were to visit over the next three weeks."


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paul daviz

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