One Peace Books My First Kafka

My First Kafka

Medium: Pen and ink
Client: One Peace Books

Fully Illustrated book of Franz Kafka stories retold for children

About Rohan
Inspired by traditional woodcuts and engraved imagery, Rohan Eason’s meticulously and expressive hand-drawn style is full of atmosphere, and every image is steeped in the narrative of the story he’s illustrating. The simplicity of his black and white renderings brings the idea behind each image to the fore, and his work is widely used in book illustration – for children and adults.
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Rohan's latest news
A Remy Martin Card
A Remy Martin Card
Commissioned by the famous cognac brand, Rohan Eason designs Remy Martin's festive card.
A Remy Martin Card
The Kashmir Garden
The Kashmir Garden
Rohan Eason completes a striking cover illustration for the upcoming book, The Kashmir Garden.
The Kashmir Garden
A Journey Through
A Journey Through
The first Harry Potter ebook in 'The Journey Through' series is released with a cover and interiors by the wonderful Rohan Eason.
A Journey Through
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