Elemental Power Tarot Set

Melinda Lee Holm commissions Rohan Eason to create a series of his outstanding illustrations across her latest tarot deck.

Designing a tarot deck is a dream illustration job for many artists, so Rohan was delighted when he was contacted by Cico Publishing to illustrate a deck for Tarot Priestess Melinda Lee Holm....
Rohan tells us a bit more about the project: 
"I was tasked with creating a deck which was like no other that has come before, I was not allowed to use people in any of the cards as is usually the norm. Melinda’s reasoning for this distinction was to make the deck more inclusive to all, focusing on the earthly elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth and how they interact with us. 
Ive always wanted to do a deck, and working with Melinda was a pleasure, her passion for Tarot and unique vision for the deck helped me find a visual language that stands alone in this often traditional and ancient craft. Finding a way to fit so may important meanings and dialogues into such a small frame was a real challenge, but a great exercise in pairing back my illustrational methods, focusing, distilling and concentrating the ideas into one concise image."
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