Painting of a lovely girl playing hopscotch


About Shiane
Step into the cartoony worlds created by Shiane Salabie and discover the amazing characters and happy energy generated by this talented illustrator. Children’s books, character design, concept art – she brings a captivating narrative style to every project she’s involved with.
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Gingerbread food illustration by Shiane Salabie
Cartoon character of young boy scout embracing nature
Red dress cartoon girl walking through the forest
Shiane's latest news
Rebel Girls' latest book features a portrait of herpetologist Dr. Earyn McGee created by Shiane Salabie.
Shiane Salabie’s SCRAPBOOK
Shiane Salabie’s SCRAPBOOK
We're delighted to chat to Shiane Salabie this week for our Interview With An Illustrator series.
Shiane Salabie’s SCRAPBOOK
A Mural for Ravenna
A Mural for Ravenna
A bright mural is produced by Shiane Salabie for the Muskegon Area District Library.
A Mural for Ravenna
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