Nature inspiring music

Wild Music

Medium: pen and ink, digitally coloured
Client: BBC Wildlife Magazine

Wildlife and the environment have inspired generations of musicians - in turn renewing our collective connections to nature. Thanks BBC Wildlife Magazine for asking me to do this one!

About Sue
Full of atmosphere, depth and detail, Sue Gent’s artwork is as vibrant as it is varied. Clients love her richly evocative traditional approach, as well as the professionalism she brings to every project. Currently based in Exeter, she’s inspired by history, horror, nature and mythology.
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Gruesome Myths
Gruesome Myths
Sue Gent creates three spooky illustrations for Countryfile Magazine's Halloween feature.
Gruesome Myths
Sue Gent shares her studio and talks of her inspirations in our Interview with an Illustrator series.
Abubakari II
Abubakari II
History Revealed Magazine use Sue Gent's atmospheric style for a piece on the ruler Abubakari II.
Abubakari II
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