3d type graphic design artwork by Ben Tallon

Hand lettering, ink and spray paint, hand drawn, drawing, illustrated type, 3d type, graphic design artwork by Ben Tallon

About Tallon
Often, custom lettering is just what a project needs to make it completely unique while at the same time hitting the perfect note with its intended audience. And when a project like that comes along, Ben Tallon’s bespoke hand lettering service Tallon Type should come at the top of your list. Here’s an artist who can tailor the text not just to the campaign but to each individual communication with in it at a level of detail that script typefaces just can’t match.
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Tallon's latest news
Spirited Words
Spirited Words
Tallon Type makes his mark on the cover and inside of the current Women's Health Magazine.
Spirited Words
Football Hype
Football Hype
Tallon Type works on energising illustrations for a Premier League TV promo.
Football Hype
Red Nose Day Lettering
Red Nose Day Lettering
Ben Tallon is one of the artists commissioned to put their lettering skills to Comic Relief's Come Together campaign.
Red Nose Day Lettering
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