Book cover design of children book

"Alice in Wonderland", Lewis Carroll

Medium: Acrylic, gouache, pencil
Client: Samsung, South Korea

About Victoria
Naïve, folksy, but with a classical edge, Victoria Fomina’s paintings make viewers want to jump down the rabbit hole with her into a charmingly surreal world of detail and colour, crafted in the artist’s unique style. Vastly experienced, she has illustrated over 40 books for leading publishers, from classic fairy tales and novels to biographies of the great composers.
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Victoria's latest news
Your Journey to Freedom
Your Journey to Freedom
Victoria Fomina creates mixed media illustrations on a tough topic for Brio Magazine.
Your Journey to Freedom
A Murderous Persuasion
A Murderous Persuasion
Victoria Fomina works on her second cover illustration for the Jane Austen Tea Society Mysteries.
A Murderous Persuasion
Cyanide and Sensibility
Cyanide and Sensibility
Jane Austen's Tea Society Mystery series welcomes a new addition, featuring cover art by Victoria Fomina.
Cyanide and Sensibility
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