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Claire Rollet

Claire Rollet - International architectural & lifestyle. illustrator.

Expressive, original hand-drawn illustration of wonderful architecture and urban scenery is the forte of Brighton-based artist Claire Rollet, whose output also includes maps, portraits, instructional drawings and more. Although her creations are detailed and intricate, they’re loose and individual enough to create their own vibe and that’s what excites her clients.
Born in France, Claire spent a few years in Algeria as a child but lived in the UK most of her life. She worked in London for many years and was selling images of the city’s great buildings at Greenwich Market when she was discovered by our agency, which soon led to a burgeoning client list. Claire’s city sketches and architectural illustrations have been published in book form by Pictura, and she has a BA in Fine Art from Kingston University.


First of all, Claire works out a composition and some ideas for the image using quick sketches to show to her client, perhaps including drawings and images from her database. She then creates the line drawing and works afterwards on the colours.


Traditional hand line drawing is the cornerstone of Claire’s style, but with a fresh, modern touch to it thanks to her pops of fresh colour.


Fluent in English and French

Client list

Claire’s clients include Afar Magazine, Thunder Bay Press, ViasatWorld TV, 5280 Magazine US, Socratesint, Callisto Media, Pavilion Books and more.
Claire embraced the brief with enthusiasm and commitment. Great communication and ideas all round. A joy to work with & I’ve had so many wonderful comments on it already….!
Caroline Costello, Evening Standard
It was a pleasure working with Claire! Her drawings really brought this book to life. I will definitely keep my eyes open for another project for her.
undefined, Callisto Media
I love what Claire did with the architectural illustration. I am really pleased with how it turned out and working with her has been an absolute pleasure. Our client is overjoyed with the finished product.
Coni Kennedy, L.A. Inc
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