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Lee Hodges

Based in Devon, Lee Hodges creates colourful and energetic artwork that gets people excited, which is why he’s the go-to illustrator for clients wanting images dripping with fun and creativity. Hugely inspired by Latin music, rhythm seems to permeate Lee’s work, which is ideal for festivals, events, club nights, cafés and restaurants, music packaging and more.
Originally from Cornwall, Lee studied at Falmouth School of Art then at Bournemouth School of Art, specialising in Illustration. In addition to creating vibrant, mixed media illustrations featuring strange and wondrous characters, he runs club nights across the Southwest of England and his poster work for them caught the eye of new clients leading to his career in illustration. He recently made a boardgame with Clarendon Games, emblazoned with his inimitable artwork.


Lee uses a range of media including paint and screenprinting, and often cuts out the parts that will make up his characters, paints and assembles them to form his illustrations. His sketchbook is full of doodles, and he also works digitally with a graphics tablet.


Lee’s work is textural and painterly, abstract and vibrant. He’s inspired by Latin American artwork, culture and music. It shows through in his style, which is also influenced by artists like Edward Gorey, Yuri Norstein and even Saul Bass.

Client list

Some of Lee’s clients include WOMAD, Waitrose, Songlines magazine, Clarendon Games, Red Active, Carnibal Records, the Royal Horticultural Society, Scholastic, Rambunctious Social Club and Freshly Squeezed Music.
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Exploring the Wild Side!
Lee Hodges illustrates the packaging of Forest Feast's vegan snacks with his energetic style.
The UK Festival Guide
Lee Hodges uses his spirited style for the Songlines UK Festival Guide.
Festival Mania!
The latest Songlines International magazine is out with cover artwork by Lee Hodges.
Cheltenham Jazz Festival
The Cheltenham Jazz Festival is back with a glorious poster illustrated by Lee Hodges.
Eco Superheroes
Lee Hodges takes great pleasure in creating another poster for the RHS.
Lee Hodges is excited to announce the imminent release of the board game ‘Poppycock’ by Clarendon Games!
Lee Hodges captures the spirit of the popular WOMAD festival with T-Shirt artwork sold at the event.
Songlines Cover Star!
Lee Hodges puts his talents to an interactive cover for Songlines Magazine on the WOMAD festival.
Body Confidence
This bold image by Lee Hodges encourages body confidence for Women's Health Magazine.
The Salish Sea
EAT Magazine Collector's Journal is decorated with a sustainable illustration by Lee Hodges.
Rhythm & Colour
Lee Hodges follows his Songlines International festival guide with the UK version appearing in the June Issue of the magazine.
Latino Coffee
Lee Hodges completes a local commission for a Latino coffee shop.
A spirited album artwork created by Lee Hodges decorates Malavita's Flamingo Lingo.
Festival Guide
Representing the colourful diversity of culture and music, Lee Hodges creates the Songlines International World Music Festival Guide artwork.
Tropical Pressure
Lee Hodges creates a festival poster for a 2018 Summer event in Cornwall.
Bulletin Awards
Lee Hodges' vibrant art is used on the front cover of the Royal College of Speech and Language's 'Bulletin' magazine.
Lee Hodges Scoops up a magazine cover!
Rhythm and Hues
Q&A with illustrator Lee Hodges
Painting Clive Pig's Guitar
Lee Hodges covers the international storyteller's guitar with images of his tales.
Long Tooth Wine
Lee Hodges' brightly decorated skulls appear on a fabulous new Californian wine.
Bugs & Slugs
Creating another year of family excitement and activities, Lee Hodges is asked to illustrate the RHS Garden posters.
The Magic of Christmas
Lee Hodges is commissioned by Premm Design for another RHS Gardens poster.
Lee Hodges illustrates for Canada's EAT Magazine.
The American children's magazine Spider commission Lee Hodges for a ghoulish cover illustration.
Lee Hodges is over the moon to have his RHS Garden Posters shortlisted for the 2016 World Illustration Awards!
Prehistoric Adventures
Lee Hodges illustrates four book covers showing Britain's pre-history for Wayland Books.
Special Offers
This dynamic front cover by Lee Hodges appears on the latest Print Week.
Lee's Scrapbook is Live!
Lee Hodges produces a firework spectacular for Waitrose Weekend Magazine!
Love Never Dies
Lee Hodges interprets Bram Stoker's Dracula for Creative Sparks' annual 'Little Print Shop of Horrors'.
Lee's Prints on Show
Out of Doors
Garden Fun
New Talent: Lee Hodges
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