Sculpture trail of elephant

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Ellie Compton takes part in a sculpture trail in aid of the 'Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust'.

Over 30 large elephants, individually designed by professional and emerging artists, are now displayed through the streets, parks and public spaces of Christchurch, New Zealand until March 2024, and are based on David Mckee’s endearing book ‘Elmer the Patchwork Elephant’.
Ellie explains, "My design tells the story of Elmer through an architectural lens. Through the technique of cross section cut aways, we get glimpses into a world of inclusivity, friendship, fun, excitement and exploration. Rooms full of activity, stories and special moments are revealed, encouraging the viewer to get lost in everything happening past the facade. On the outside, the brick texture represents how varied and imperfect we are, but when we come together, we can form strong bonds and relationships that help shape us."

Elmer’s Ōtautahi Elephant Trail is supported by a learning programme enabling thousands of children and young people to participate in this highly visible, family-friendly art trail. Ultimately the sculptures will be auctioned to raise money to enable the Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust to support people impacted by traumatic brain and other complex injuries throughout Canterbury.
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