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Lively Scout

Lively Scout - Australia based illustrator

For bold and graphic illustrations with an organic and tactile feel, look no further than Lively Scout, the Australia-based artist whose work is true to her name. Here’s a visual language that’s vivacious, adventurous and groovy. There’s no better way to catch the eye, spark the imagination and take viewers on a journey.
Lively Scout’s bounding imagination and melodic colour palettes are complemented by a fantastic track record of creativity. Over 20 years in the industry have seen her as designer, creative director, copywriter and surface artist. Clients benefit from her knowledge, professionalism and can-do attitude. One glance at her portfolio will tell you that Lively Scout’s influences are wide-ranging and eclectic. From folk rock, 80s pop and dance music to artists like William Morris and Keith Haring, nostalgia and now are comfortably woven into something individual and exciting.


Lively Scout works from the middle outwards, seeking compositions that are balanced and complete. Early thumbnails are redrawn on her iPad, then strong-yet-fluid line work gives the image structure while patterns and a palette jammed with reds and pinks add energy and allure. Then, a touch of texture completes the experience.


The Lively Scout style exudes enthusiasm and dynamism. Modern pop, vintage retro and the artist’s own creative vision come together to form something very graphic, very engaging and totally unique.

Client list

Lively Scout’s clients include Boochcraft, CareAustralia, Belgian Boys, Casetify and Ms Marine.
Everything looks beautiful! It’s been such a pleasure getting to work with you. Thank you for all your hard work! Your work really makes the section shine.
Parisa Hajizadeh-Amini, LA Times
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