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Victoria Fomina

Victoria Fomina - Leading storybook illustrator

Naïve, folksy, but with a classical edge, Victoria Fomina’s paintings make viewers want to jump down the rabbit hole with her into a charmingly surreal world of detail and colour, crafted in the artist’s unique style. Vastly experienced, she has illustrated over 40 books for leading publishers, from classic fairy tales and novels to biographies of the great composers.
Clients love the dedicated and imaginative way Victoria interprets each brief. No detail is too small as she explores new visual metaphors, adding value to the projects she works on. Victoria is inspired by great artists like da Vinci, Vermeer and Klimt. She loves painting en plien air in the cherry orchard near her home.


When Victoria receives a brief she dives into the story and surrounds herself with relevant illustrations, postcards, photos, shells, flowers and more to set the perfect tone. She works with watercolour, gouache and acrylic – fluid media that allow for great spontaneity.


Combining the avant-garde with the traditional, Victoria varies her style depending on the content of the book she’s working on. For a classic or historical narrative she may lean towards a gothic or rococo look, or she might use Pop Art or collage techniques to generate something more contemporary.


1998 – The Golden Ostap – First prize 1999 – Golden Pen of Belgrade – First prize 2003 – Golden Apple, Bratislava – First prize 2017 – Global Illustration Awards, Frankfurt – Gold 2019 – Nami Concours, South Korea – Purple Island Award 2019 – BookILL Fest, Serbia – Special award 2020 - Nomination for The Hans Christian Andersen Award 2021 - International Competition Image of the Book, Russia - Winner 2021 - American Illustration 40 - Winner

Client list

Victoria works for clients around the world including Gallimard Jeunesse, Penguin Random House, Kingfisher, Rizzoli, Grimm Press, Samsung, JFEP, Pan Press, Vogue and Woongjin.
Victoria's pictures for this book are as important as the text. The illustrations look incredible, fabulous: this is a kaleidoscope of pictures from dreams, where the impossible is possible, where any childhood fantasies come true. Evil card queens, brave riders on horseback, and of course a pensive composer with a grey beard writing notes on paper — sitting by the window through which the moon was looking — they all seemed to come to life from the touch of an illustrator’s brush…
Publisher, Ripol Classic publisher
It was a wonderful experience working with Victoria Fomina. Everything from the sketches to the final art was delivered in a very timely manner. Victoria understood the brief well, came up with strong compositions during the concepting stage, and made revisions very quickly. Her style was also perfect for this project! The talent and skill of the artist and communication being so efficient made working on this project enjoyable. Overall, how easily the whole process went exceeded my expectations and I would definitely return to this agency and artist for future projects!
Farjana Yasmin, Penguin Random House
Victoria approached the “reading” of a fairy tale in a very original way. The illustrations were very playful, one thing is obvious - she absolutely accurately portrayed the specificity of the fabulous Italian world. The images of heroes in the style of the 60-80s sends us back to the past when we were children and the world seemed huge and amazing
Gianni Rodari , Rosman Publisher
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