Animation for Naia Yarn

Jacqueline Bissett's fluid line illustrations are brought to life for Naia

It's wonderful to see Jacqueline's signature style bringing life and movement to Naia yarn's latest campaign, her illustrations form all the artwork for this stunning animation which highlights Naia's eco friendly crudentials whilst also focusing on the comfort and luxury of the fabric.

As well as providing the artwork for the animation, Jacqueline's illustrations also adorned the stands at Premiere Vision, Paris creating a lovely background to their pitch.

Commissioned by Alan Lee from Uber Digital, a creative design agency in Clerkenwell, for Eastman for their Naia yarn product for the trade show Première Vision in Paris.

Jacqueline tells us a bit more about this exiting job,

"Several hundred frames had to be traced in a loose,sketchy way, evoking the smoothness of the fibre. I did tests for them and some of the iPad digital work using Procreate app was also used on the stand and on their website. As well the figures, I also worked on the 'nature' elements."

To see the animation click below:





jacqueline bissett
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