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Sabrina Luoni

Sabrina Luoni - Venegono Superiore (VA), Italy based illustrator

Eles dizem que se você quer encontrar a perfeição, procure a Mãe Natureza. E é uma frase que certamente se aplica às ilustrações botânicas e da vida selvagem da artista italiana Sabrina Luoni. Com um tom suave que simpatiza com tudo que é natural, ela cria obras repletas de realismo alegre para clientes comprometidos com a sustentabilidade.
Sabrina lives and works in the town where she was born – Varese, Northern Italy. It’s a location surrounded by woodland and lakes, which continually inspire her. Having worked as a painter, graphic designer and 3D artist, she is well versed in the creative process and clients love the accuracy she brings to every project. In addition to an MA in painting from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Sabrina has honed her scientific understanding of nature with courses in Natural History Illustration at the University of Milan, the Society of Botanical Artists in London and the Ars in Fabula school in Macerata.


Each project begins with detailed research into the subject, followed by rough compositions which Sabrina shares with her client. She works with almost-dry watercolours on hot pressed paper to carefully control form and light, sometimes adding coloured pencils to the mix.


Sabrina’s style highlights the delicate beauty of nature, with subjects evocatively suspended in space and time for the viewer to inspect.

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Parques, associações e instituições públicas recorrem a Sabrina por suas habilidades de ilustração, incluindo Lega italiana protezione uccelli, o jornal ecológico Oikos and Legambiente.
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Sabrina Luoni
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Sabrina Luoni
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Sabrina Luoni
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Sabrina Luoni
Sabrina Luoni
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