Mohan Ballard Released New Book Artful Etching Cities

Artful Etching: Cities

Mohan Ballard's latest book invites readers to etch away the lines on the page to reveal stunning and colorful cityscapes.

We're delighted to announce the release of Mohan Ballard's stunning new book, the book consists of 10 cityscapes created by Mohan, here he tells us a bit more about the project

"I was asked to create all of the illustrations for an all-ages creative etching book. I basically illustrated 10 City Scenes, which have an etching material over the top of them. It's then left up to you to get creative and etch in your own designs and marks! The book comes complete with an etching stylus pen.

The book is available to buy online from Amazon, The Wordery and many other online retailers. The book will also be on sale in the US and Canada in stores like Barnes and Noble and Walmart."

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