"Nous vous mettons en contact avec les meilleurs talents du monde en matière d'illustration depuis 1929.


À propos de nous

Fondée à Covent Garden à Londres en 1929, IllustrationX est la première agence d'illustration au monde, avec huit bureaux répartis sur quatre continents.

Nous vous mettons en contact avec la plus grande collection de talents du monde entier en matière d'illustration, ce qui vous aide à maximiser l'impact créatif et commercial de vos projets à chaque fois. 

Nos agents sont reconnus partout dans le monde pour leur professionnalisme et leur expertise*. Où que vous viviez et travailliez, notre équipe locale très au fait des tendances émergentes et de l'évolution du marché, est prête à vous conseiller pour faire les bons choix.

Appelez-nous ou envoyez-nous un courriel pour discuter de vos besoins éventuels à tout moment. Nous sommes une entreprise attentionnée et considérons nos clients et nos artistes comme faisant partie de notre famille. Nous établissons des relations étroites avec chacun d'entre eux et nous nous efforçons d'exploiter le potentiel de chaque projet au mieux des intérêts de chacun.

Nous aimons ce que nous faisons. En tant qu'entreprise solidaire, nous avons une empreinte carbone nulle depuis 2013 grâce à notre programme « Dix millions d'arbres », auquel nous consacrons 1 % de notre chiffre d'affaires annuel.

Nous nous sommes engagés à lutter contre le réchauffement climatique. IllustrationX est membre de l'Association of Illustrators UK (AOI) et membre de la Society of Artists' Agents UK (SAA) et souscrit à leurs conditions d'adhésion.

* Source : Sondages Annuels des clients d'IllustrationX, 1998 à 2018."

Lauren Ashleigh
Marie Bastille
Marie has a reputation for being one of the finest agents in France, and has been representing Illustration Ltd in Paris for 25 years. When it comes to translating a creative brief, she has true vision and takes pleasure in making the whole process run as smoothly as possible.
Susan Bell
Susan supports Sarah Mortimer in our accounts department. Formerly a regional controller in the banking industry, she brings with her 20 years of experience in accounting and finance. Susan enjoys being the go-to person when there’s a problem that needs to be resolved.
Judith Blanche
Stacey Endress
Leading our team in North America, Stacey understands a wide range of markets. That’s no surprise - on top of her Fine Art degree she has experience in fashion, media sales and publishing. People who’ve worked with Stacey admire her efficiency, attention to detail and passion for illustration.
Catherine Green
Karen Kaller
Karen loves the challenges and variety you’re exposed to when you’re an illustration agent who strives to bring the best out of every project. She has a Fine Art degree and has worked in publishing and design. Her outgoing personality is a hit with our US clients.
Sarah Beetson
As our talent scout, Sarah has a finger on the pulse of international contemporary illustration and an eye peeled for unique new artists with special skills. She’s also an experienced fine artist and illustrator.
Sarah Hodder
Sarah has over 20 years’ experience with the agency. As our Finance Director she’s both meticulous and trustworthy. Sarah works internationally, supporting our clients, artists and agents - making sure all the bills get paid and balancing the books.
Jac Lott
Jac has a wonderful curatorial eye. She selects and orders all the images in our artists’ online portfolios. Not only does she do this with charm, passion and endeavor, but her touch greatly improves a portfolio's success in terms of viewers and enquiries.
Juliette Lott
Juliette's knowledge, enthusiam and efficiency have made her one of the industry's best known agents. Her natural joie de vivre, energy and thoroughness are as valued by clients as by her fellow agents.
Ana Bandarra
With 20 years of experience working with creative talent as art buyer in Rio's top advertising agencies and creative studios Ana joins our agents team representing our artists in Brazil and South America.
Her passion for art, her understanding of the creative process and attention to each commission's needs ensures a smooth and pleasant process for both artists and clients on the delivery of projects.
Julia Freudenthal
Julia’s nickname is ‘the voice’ because she loves talking to clients and illustrators, making sure commissions run as smoothly as possible. Her background in graphic design gives her a clear understanding of the creative process and she approaches her work with energy, resilience and a touch of humour.
Corinna Hein
After founding her own agency in Germany, Corinna partnered with Illustration Ltd in 1995 and has never looked back. Die ILLUSTRATOREN is now one of the largest agencies in the German market. You’ll find Corinna cooperative and friendly, and she loves seeing illustration used on a massive scale.
Janna Kruetzer
Sometimes the best things happen entirely by chance. With legal training and a degree in art history, Janna never envisaged becoming an illustration agent, however her administrative skills and understanding of art make her an excellent one. She empathises with clients and illustrators alike.
Alexandra Maul
Alexandra has an eye for detail and has worked to the highest standards ever since she first joined the agency. Both our clients and our artists enjoy working with her because of the positive and cheerful attitude that she applies to every single job.
Steffi Rauch
A unique idea is a thing of beauty to Steffi, and she loves seeing great concepts turned into successful creative projects. She joined our team after 10 years in the Hamburg design industry, which gives her an in-depth understanding of how our clients work and exactly what they require.
Amary Tang
We met Amary when we first explored the Chinese market and she’s been with us ever since. Fun, kind and honest, she enjoys keeping in touch with artists, seeing their latest work and imaging new ways of applying their skills. Her background is in costume design, fashion and animation.
Nadia Seo
With years of experience in the creative industries, Nadia has keen and innovative insights in the areas of art and designs. She likes everything she does to be articulate and well-organised. Nadia enjoys working with people, and people who’ve worked with Nadia admire her diligence, efficiency, creativity and patience.
Paul Hughson
Paul runs all our Digital Marketing programs and campaigns, heading up a team of highly focused and experienced professionals dedicated to optimising the digital opportunities out there for our artists. This covers all aspects of social media, search, ads, UX and much more besides.
Vanessa Lambert
Vanessa has over fifteen years experience as an agent and illustrator with both deep knowledge and sound judgement. She works with us focusing on social media, our monthly newsletters as well as marketing and awards.
Chad Lane
With a background in commercial photography, business and HR management, Chad thoroughly enjoys the process of developing an idea into its full visual entity. With an open and friendly demeanour, he combines a meticulous approach with attention to detail and an added dose of Aussie humour.
Harry Lyon-Smith
Harry took over Garden Studio from John Havergal in 1997, and turned it into Illustration Ltd. His passion for connecting with people, collaborating with them and spotting new opportunities have helped evolve the agency into a worldwide network of leading creative talent.
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