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Willie Ryan

Willie Ryan's Photo - International Icon and infographic illustrator. UK

Willie Ryan’s graphical illustrations are perfect for any project requiring quick, concise communication with no ambiguity. He’s an expert when it comes to icons, instructional images and infographics, but equally adept at depicting scenarios and concepts everyone can identify with. Willie’s work is ideal for editorial, advertising, broadcasting and mobile projects.
With a BA in Graphics and Illustration from Central Saint Martins in London, Willie has been drawing since the day he left college. Now based in Hastings, his influences include Hergé, William Heath Robinson, Aubrey Beardsley, Edward Hopper and Norman Rockwell.


Images begin as words and doodles scribbled out on lined paper, and a search for references if required. As Willie creates his roughs using ink on paper, he aims to reduce detail and find the ideal forms for the objects in his illustration. His drawings are scanned and traced as vectors, then scaled and assembled to complete the image.


Willie’s images are simple, graphic and minimal, with a limited palette of strong, flat colours. He works in two styles. For one, he creates bold emblems and icons using line work or flat, contrasting colours. The other is more figurative with a diagrammatic or instruction book feel and a little humour.

Client list

Willie’s clients include Ford, the BBC, Heinemann, Lloyds Bank, Random House, USA Today, Volkswagen, Chase Manhattan Bank, Vauxhall, Fruit of the Loom, Friends of the Earth and more…
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