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Andreas Besser

Andreas Besser - Cartoon illustrator. Germany

His bright, expressive character illustration and professional approach are what make Andreas Besser so popular with his clients. With a light, cartoony style, his work is a hit in the children’s market, editorial, publishing, and more, but he also knows how to deliver a unique still or motion response to any brief.
Based in Berlin, one of his earliest inspirations was Asterix as drawn by the French comic artist Albert Uderzo. Today, he likes Pascal Campion, who works with light in unique ways, and the unique line expressions of Felix Scheinberger. Before studying design and illustration in Würzburg, Germany, Andreas did an apprenticeship as a commercial artist, and trained as a printer. He worked in the Berlin studio Cartoon-Film, which helped him hone his professional skills.


First Andreas sketches out clean drawings in pencil on paper, then paints with watercolours, ink, or even coffee! After scanning a piece he goes to work with his graphics tablet. He animates both the traditional way using pencil and paper, or with animation software on his PC.


Andreas has a very simple method of adjusting his cartoony style – he holds his pencil differently and works either more expressively, or tight and detailed, depending on the look he wants to achieve. Each project promises exciting characters, unique faces and humorous details.


Fluent in English, Germany

Client list

Andreas has been commissioned by MONTBLANC, Nintendo, ZDF, Warner Bros, Sparkasse Berlin, Deutsche Post, Tivola, Verlag Friedrich Oetinger, Carlsen, American Greetings, Gore, Tessloff, TigerBooks and more.
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