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Andrew Beckett

Andrew Beckett - Wldlife illustrator: Lancashire

Andrew Beckett’s passion for natural history shows through not only in the subject matter of his images, but also in their sheer quality. His meticulous and painstaking method results in hair-by-hair detail and a near photographic finish, though as an artist he is able to take full control of colour and style to deliver exactly what his client is aiming for.
Based in Northwest England near the Ribble Estuary, inspiration for his images is right on his doorstep as one of his main interests is the UK’s diverse range of birdlife. As an artist he’s inspired by Degas, Rembrandt, Lucian Freud, Frank Auerbach and Charles Donker. Andrew has a Higher National Diploma in Scientific and Natural History Illustration at Blackpool & the Fylde College, and now teaches Fine Art at the same institution.


Andrew considers the form, proportion, structure and weight distribution of the creature, along with its behaviour. He approaches wildlife drawing like sculpture, making direction marks as though he’s skimming across the surface of the subject, trying to explain and emphasise the form. He works in watercolours, gouache and digitally.


Huge levels of realism and minute detail are key characteristics of Andrew’s wildlife art, and viewers are captivated by his ability to convey the attitude and expression of each animal he draws.


2003 – David Cook Drawing Prize – First Prize 2004 – National Exhibition of Wildlife Art) Award – Highly Commended 2005 – Bird Art and Photography Award – Most outstanding work on an avian theme 2011 – Birds, Birds, Birds Award – Most original work on an avian theme 2012 – David Cook Drawing Prize – First Prize 2013 – The Countryman Award – Innovation in Wildlife Art

Client list

Andrew has been commissioned by clients including Times Educational Supplement, Sainsbury’s, Scholastic, Marks & Spencer, Mizuno, Dorling Kindersley, Time Life, Usbourne, Co-op, IBM, EMI, Jersey Post and Buckingham Press.
Illustrator Profile - Andrew Beckett
Illustrator Profile - Andrew Beckett
Andrew Beckett's passion for natural history shows through not only in the subject matter of his images, but also in their quality.
Illustrator Profile - Andrew Beckett
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