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Andy Gellenberg

Andy Gellenberg - Mixed media illustrator. Germany

From his base in the German countryside, Andy Gellenberg creates collage and vector-based illustrations bursting with youthful energy. Playful and versatile, he has an uncanny ability to work with as little or as much as the project requires, one minute completing minimal artworks using simple geometric shapes, the next rendering complex portraits and thematic pieces packed with forms, text and colour.
Andy’s career received an early boost when he created a series of portraits of famous Nike athletes using only the company’s swoosh symbol. The work went viral and Andy was spotted by LeBron James. Four days later he was on a plane to Portland to meet the basketball star. With a degree in Communication Design from Trier University, Andy is inspired by skate graphics, Hip Hop culture, Henri Matisse and Jean Michel Basquiat. Clients find him efficient and fun to work with.


Andy’s workflow varies and he uses a range of media including vector graphics, lettering, handmade elements and 3D graphics. What holds it together is his focus on a theme or emotion in each artwork, and communicating it through the art.


No matter what media he chooses, Andy’s style is loud, playful and vibrant, with strong colours and plenty of experimentation.


Fluent in English, Germany

Client list

Andy’s clients include Nike, Volkswagen, Sony Music, Dunkin Donuts, Wired, Yahoo Sport! and Pernod Ricard.
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