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Bob Venables

Bob Venables's Photo - International pastiche illustrator. UK

Bob Venables is the go-to illustrator for any project that requires illustrations executed in a classic style. Matisse, Hogarth, Wyeth, Rackham, Lowbrow… whatever look you’re after, Bob will deliver. He’s a pastiche illustrator par excellence.
Bob has worked on many high profile advertising campaigns, including the Profit Hunter ads for Artemis, which have run for over a decade. His versatility, eye for detail, and ability to evoke the past while conveying contemporary themes to contemporary audiences are what keep clients coming back again and again. Originally from Birmingham, Bob worked in London and established himself on the advertising scene before moving to the Isle of Wight, where life is a little more relaxed. He studied Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins gaining a BA, and did archaeological illustration for a year before becoming a freelancer.


Bob works in a whole range of media, depending on what’s required by the commission. On the traditional side he uses oil, acrylic, alkyd, watercolour, and pen and ink, but he’s also happy working digitally on his Wacom Cintiq.


Primarily a pastiche illustrator, Bob is adept at recreating just about any look – from 1930s propaganda-style posters to old maps, and from neoclassical still lifes to jolly 19th century book illustrations.

Client list

Bob works for a range of top-flight clients including Guinness, British Airways, Artemis Asset Management, the BBC, Adidas, Sony, Heinz, Tesco, Waitrose, John Smiths, FIFA, VW, BMW and the Folio Society.
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Daughters of the Storm
Bob Venables delivers a heroic illustration to All ABout History magazine on female political inspiration.
Egyptian Turmoil
Bob Venables creates a historic scene for All About History magazine on Akhenaten the heretic Pharaoh.
Painted in the style of a Roman Fresco, Bob Venables illustrates for All About History Magazine.
Remote Monitoring
Telecommunications Company Orange, use Bob Venables' art for a humorous TV advert in France.
A Literal Logo
Bob Venables works on logos for Australian advertising and marketing company Bear Meets Eagle on Fire.
What a Carry On!
Appearing in the Irish Examiner today, Bob Venables creates an eye-catching cover illustration on the farce of Brexit.
Wine with Fish
The March issue of Waitrose Magazine is illustrated with Bob Venables' characterised fish.
Napa Valley Wine Brand
OneHope wine recently commisisioned Bob Venables to create a series of illustrations for their brand
Slow Down
Bob Venables tackles the serious subject of road safety in this compelling illustration.
The Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England
Out now in hardback, is this beautifully illustrated book by pastiche artist Bob Venables and written by Ian Mortimer
History is There to be Beaten
McCann London commission Bob Venables for an illustrated print to celebrate the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.
Irish Sports
Bob Venables takes a witty look at sports coverage for The Irish Examiner.
Blue Bottle Glamour
Bob Venables illustrates a poster for Blue Bottle Gin with some city sophistication.
The Founders
Pottermore - the website for all things in the Harry Potter world use Bob Venables' illustrations for a feature on Hogwarts' house founders.
Lazy Gin
If you're out shopping in Waitrose you'll spot Bob Venables' latest packaging artwork for the Heston Blumenthal range.
Hogwarts' Ghosts
Bob Venables illustrates the ghosts of the infamous wizarding school in time for Halloween.
Pugs & Prejudice
Headline Publishing use Bob Venables witty illustrations for 'Classic Tails' - greatest works of literature told by the finest breeds.
Keri Juices
The Keri Juice Blenders range has been illustrated by Bob Venables in his surreal style.
Lamb Burgers, Fruit Cups and a Tea Tart!
Bob Venables continues his work with Waitrose for the Heston Blumenthal range.
Noelle Floyd Magazine feature five champion horses illustrated by Bob Venables.
Jeanne de Belleville
Bob Venables creates a stained glass window illustration for a History of Royals Magazine feature on the Lioness of Brittany.
A Map for Reign
Bob Venables illustrates a map for the American historical fantasy romance 'Reign'.
A Surreal World
Bob Venables produces two incredible surrealistic paintings for an Artemis campaign.
Katherine and Philippa de Roet
History of Royals Magazine commission Bob Venables for a 14th century piece of art.
Trump on Twitter
The Irish Examiner commission Bob Venables for a political piece on Trump's Twitter use.
Bob Venables' SCRAPBOOK
You'll enjoy learning about Bob Venables' creativity in our latest Scrapbook.
A Serbian Tzar
Bob Venables paints another outstanding artwork for History of Royals Magazine.
Look for Beauty Everywhere
Bob Venables finishes his fifth poster for Bluebottle Artisan Dry Gin.
Deirdre of the Sorrows
The versatile Bob Venables creates a film script poster.
INSIDE OUT: The new look Heston range by Waitrose
How illustrator Bob Venables produced a quintessentially English look for chef Heston Blumenthal’s delectable food range and its packaging.
Bear in a China Shop
Bob Venables paints the cover of Finance Asia Magazine highlighting the vulnerability of Asian markets.
NPL Hell
Euro Money Magazine ask Bob Venables to illustrate Italy's debt crisis.
Bob Venables personifies a lion for Mr Fitzpatrick's Vintage Cordials.
A Viking Saga
Bob Venables illustrates for Giles Kristian's latest bestseller.
Before & After
Bob Venables illustrates for History of Royals Magazine on a before and after makeover of Elizabeth I.
The Nameless One
Royals Magazine commission Bob Venables for a painting of Ivan VI.
Gin Anyone?
Bob Venables works his way through the drinks cabinet with an advertising commission for a Gin maker.
Look for Beauty Everywhere
Bob Venables completes his fourth ad for Blue Bottle Gin.
Richard the Lionheart
Bob Venables illustrates for History of Royals magazine painting one of England's great rulers.
Lion's Roar
Bank's Brewery commission Bob Venables for a football themed label.
Olga of Kiev
Bob Venables paints Olga of Kiev for History of Royals Magazine.
The Hood's Bell
Bob Venables paints a World War II Battleship's bell.
The Rise and Rise of Diabetes
Bob Venables illustrates an RSCI advertisement about the rapid growth of diabetes.
Insidehouse Magazine
Bob Venables completes a surreal illustration for Insidehouse Magazine.
Weathering The Storm
Bob Venables continues to create compelling illustrations for Artemis Asset Management with this latest offering.
Spirit of Artemis
Bob Venables' illustration of the Artemis Profit flies from the UK to Australia on the Spirit of Artemis aircraft.
The Hobgoblin Santa Catcher strikes with Bob Venables' illustration for Wychwood Brewery.
Wainwright Landscapes
Bob Venables draws some imaginary landscapes for Wainwright Brewery ads.
Distracted by the Big Picture
Bob Venables paints a compelling scene for asset management client Artemis.
Drawn in an eighteenth century style, Bob Venables illustrates the movement of the planets for Cosmos Magazine.
Bluebottle Gin
Bob Venables creates his third poster for Randalls Bluebottle Gin.
Fast Work for Wainwright
Bob Venables completes this ad for Wainwright Golden Ale in record time.
Illustrator Profile - Bob Venables
Bob Venables is a pastiche artist based in the Isle of Wight.