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Chris Ede

Chris Ede - Graphic, urban illustrator. London

Based in Amsterdam, Chris Ede is a British illustrator whose edgy contemporary style brings together elements of urban culture, sport, food, music and more as he creates winning campaigns for leading global brands, and engaging imagery for a range of editorial and publishing clients.
Chris’s early inspiration came from comic books, and after gaining a first class degree in Illustration from Portsmouth University he went on to train with McFaul Studio and Mega Munden. His versatility sees him creating everything from individual illustrations for publishers to cohesive suites of graphics and artwork for major branding projects.


Chris works in Photoshop and Illustrator, giving his work a lively, tactile feel through his use of texture and colour. He has a huge library of urban marks and textures to call upon whenever they’re needed in a project.


Chris has developed a range of styles to suit his clients’ needs including: Sport – Line drawings with a street art look, bursting with colour, vibrancy and energy. Editorial – A loose drawing style that is simple, conceptual and often marked by gritty textures. Book – Beautiful, tight line drawings, bold in composition, drawing the eye to the focal point through enhanced detail and colour. Music – Photographic elements mixed with vector art or line work, with a bold composition that pops out and strong typography.

Client list

Some of Chris’s clients include Nike, Monster Energy Drinks, the NFL, Sports Illustrated, Macdonald’s, Universal Pictures, Volkswagen, Channel 4, Miller, NBC Universal, Ford and Lufthansa.
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