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Dina Ruzha

Dina Ruzha - United States based illustrator

The elegant swoosh of the calligrapher’s pen, the expressive swish of the artist’s brush – they come together in harmony in the work of the New York-based illustrator Dina Ruzha. Colourful and lively, with a hint of sophistication and a touch of the naïve, her work is ideal across publishing, editorial, children’s books and more.
Dina has a degree in Illustration and Graphic Design and is an artist who continually challenges herself by adapting her style and seeking new avenues to explore using text and imagery. Clients enjoy working with her because of her flexibility and professionalism. Since moving to New York, the city itself has inspired her with its architecture, neighbourhoods and parks. She’s also inspired by family life, and people across America of all races and cultures. The more she sees, the more she draws.


Using digital tools like Procreate and Adobe software, and traditional media, Dina combines her calligraphic lettering with drawings of contemporary life, capturing ideas and emotions in order to convey a narrative.


Dina’s artistic voice is bright and colourful, using contrast, sharp shapes and lively linework. The hand of the artist speaks loud and clear through her lettering and painting.


2017 – A’ Design Award – Print Media Design – Silver

Client list

Her clients include Melville House Publishing, Abbeville Press, Safilo Group and NBC.
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