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Gabriel Hollington

Gabriel Hollington's Photo - Gabriel Hollington - Pop culture, editorial and lifestyle illustrator. UK

Welcome to the exciting world of UK illustrator Gabriel Hollington, where spontaneous hand-drawn forms collide with photography and type to produce something eclectic, anarchic and completely different.
The spirit of Gabriel’s work is grounded in Punk rock and skateboarding, where a DIY attitude and thirst for new ideas reign supreme. Gabriel’s travels to vibrant locations in Asia, South America and the US have given him plenty of inspiration, alongside key influences including the artist Ray Pettibon and the documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys, which examines the groundbreaking skate culture of 1970s California.


‘Just draw’ is Gabriel’s approach to any new project and a fresh journey of exploration and innovation begins when his pen hits the paper. Lively pen and ink artwork is scanned and given an injection of digital colour and zany photographic elements. Keeping part of the process hands-on is a lot more fun than all-digital, and makes his imagery stand out from the rest.


Instant, natural and naïve – these are the qualities that give Gabriel’s style its energy and impetus. His goal is to ensure his illustration, mural and collage work is bold and striking, and his belief in constant change ensures his work is always exhilarating for clients, for the viewer and for himself as an artist.

Client list

Gabriel’s clients include The New Yorker, Leo Burnett, Truck Festival, Prism Skateboards, Eyeyah! Magazine, Spirit Goth Records and The Chats.
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