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Jennifer Maravillas-Bell

Jennifer Maravillas-Bell - International Cityscape & Scenery Illustrator, NY,

Cities, land and cultures are strongly represented in the work of Brooklyn-based illustrator Jennifer Maravillas-Bell, and diversity definitely gives her imagery its richness. From abstract figures through to beautifully painted elements from nature, she defines the mood and takes the viewer on a unique journey with each project she tackles.
Jennifer has Filipino and European roots, and has a keen interest in how where we live shapes us as individuals. As such, one of her personal projects is documenting New York City block by block, using found objects to create a mosaic map. Jennifer did an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design at the University of Louisville and a graduate degree in Mass Communication at Virginia Commonwealth University.


Jennifer’s techniques are constantly changing, and her style often comes as a result of the medium she’s exploring at a given time. She’s a mixed media artist using watercolour markers, ink, spray paint, pencil, cut out paper, block printing, and Photoshop. She scans every doodle she draws for future reference.


Jennifer uses vibrant colour combinations as she builds up maps, cityscapes and scenery from hundreds of smaller handmade elements. She draws people in abstract, figurative ways, finding the right tone for the brief. Some of her influences include Werner Herzog, Mary Blair, Guy Debord, and Buckminster Fuller.

Client list

Jennifer’s clients include Waitrose, Apple, Vanity Fair, Audi, Ford Foundation, WeTransfer, Harper’s Bazaar, Jamie Magazine, Condé Nast and more.
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