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Jongmee's Photo - Lifestyle and fashion illustrator. New York

With a strong and expressive style, South Korean artist Jongmee brings something different for her fashion and beauty clients. Her unique use of colour and slight exaggeration of her subject’s features often gives her work a playful or light-hearted feel, which makes her an excellent illustrator in the lifestyle space.
Jongmee grew up in Michigan. While studying for her degree in Illustration at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit she began to focus on painting portraits in oils, as well as pattern design. However, she’s practiced an array of creative activities including animation, binding books, printing, sewing and wedding photography. Influences include John Singer Sargent and John William Waterhouse.


Drawing and inking her work by hand, Jongmee then ads colour using Photoshop. She strives for her figures to be anatomically correct, and likes to include a lot of cyan and magenta whenever she can.


Jongmee’s style is elegant and alternative, like the artwork found in a classy graphic novel, but with a feminine touch. It works just as well in fashion, lifestyle and editorial contexts as in book illustration. In addition to illustration work, she creates surface patterns made up of carefully arranged objects, which are sometimes a touch more cartoonish than her regular work.

Client list

Jongmee’s clients include Egmont Publishing, Boom! Studios, Martha Stewart, Time and Vessel Drinkware.
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Plant-Powered Living
Jonathan Allardyce helps us to understand more about veganism with his illustrations for Women's Health Magazine.
The Art of Decluttering
The Washington Post commission Jonathan Allardyce to create a cover illustration and inside spot for their lifestyle magazine.
Colombo's Boom
Asiamoney magazine commission Jonathan Allardyce for an illustration of a changing city.
The Bill O'Reilly Scandal
The Hollywood Reporter ask Jonathan Allardyce to create a portrait of Fox News' host Bill O'Reilly.
High Profit Kicks
Scholastic New York commission Jonathan Allardyce for some sneaker illustrations for a Math skills sheet.
How to spot the Fitstagrammer
Jonathan Allardyce's observations are meticulous for GQ's How to Spot series.
The Hygge Junkie
Jonathan Allardyce's 'How to Spot...' illustrations for GQ magazine continue with the Scandinavian Hygge.
How To Spot a.......
Jonathan Allardyce illustrates for GQ Magazine.
Projekt U5
Berlin agency Roemer Wildberger ask Jonathan Allardyce to create a series of characters for the building fence of Projekt U5 in Mitte, Berlin.
Dressmaking Skills
Jonathan Allardyce illustrates for The Sunday Times Style Supplement for a Sarah Perry memoir.
A History Of Psychology
Academic publisher Taylor & Francis ask Jonathan Allardyce to create line portraits of fourteen psychologists.
East is East
Jonathan Allardyce produces a striking poster for a theatre production of East is East.
Niche Logistics
Swiss agency ErdmannPeisker ask Jonathan Allardyce to create a set of four visuals for logistics company Belglobe Advanced Delivery.
Housing Raids
Inside Housing Magazine asks Jonathan Allardyce to illustrate a feature about raids on housing resources.
Essos and Westeros
Jonathan Allardyce works for 1843 magazine on two light-hearted pieces featuring the economic systems of Essos and Westeros.
The Met: Here for London
The Met commission Jonathan Allardyce to illustrate the many police officers and staff likely to be seen in the city of London.