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Julia Prokhotskaya

Julia Prokhotskaya - Russian Federation based illustrator

Curiosity, playfulness and the tender side of childhood – these are the things illustrator Julia Prokhotskaya likes to celebrate in her imagery. Her books give children a place to escape to, where they can go on wonderful adventures with fun and fascinating companions, exploring new worlds.
Classically trained in drawing and painting, after graduating Julia turned her skills to what she loves – children’s books. She’s honed her technique with a variety of natural media and developed a style full of shading and texture for settings that come to life in the imagination. Out of them jump boldly rendered characters with chubby cheeks, full of laughter. Embracing her art with a hint of childlike exuberance, Julia is inspired by nature and the small discoveries you can make outdoors – a mouse hole, a frog in the forest, a snake under a log… but she never misses a deadline.


Julia’s favourite technique is gouache, and she does most of her work using traditional media, using a layered approach to achieve the complex lighting that gives her work such depth. However, she finishes and edits her work digitally, offering clients great flexibility.


With her painterly style, Julia’s unique hand shines through. Her rich and textured artwork has a cheerful atmosphere, and her characters are fun, dynamic and entertaining.

Client list

Julia’s clients include Clever Publishing, Alma Studio, Alpina Publisher, Rosman Publishing, Mail.ru Group, Hangzhou Lihe Digital Technology, Anastasia Orlova Publishing and more.
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